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In the world of manufacturing, three utilities are essential to most processes: water, electricity and natural gas. That said, there is one utility considered nearly as important as these: compressed air.

Many consider compressed air to be the fourth utility in manufacturing, due to the number of businesses and industries that rely on it for daily operations. The four primary types of air compressor dryers are:

Refrigerated dryers
Our range of Refrigerated Dryers includes a wide variety of systems which is capable of achieving optimal performance at a lower cost of ownership through its reduced energy consumption. 

- Desiccant dryers

Some dryers use desiccant agents to dry compressed air, in a process known as adsorption. These are known as desiccant type dryers.

Adsorption is a distinct process from absorption:

  • Adsorption: In adsorption, moisture attaches itself to the desiccant without being dissolved.
  • Absorption: In absorption, moisture gets absorbed by a drying agent.

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